International Furniture Supply has been proudly family owned and operated by the Frees family since 1977. Charles "Chuck" Frees's commitment to excellence in the furniture supply industry began years earlier than this when he began Paragon Sales, which supplied upholstery materials for buyers. A desire to best serve his customers led to the merger of Paragon Sales with International Furniture supply in 1988. Patrick Frees is committed to carrying on his family's legacy of supplying international brands as though they were neighbors, with a commitment to efficiency, value, and quality. 

While the furniture industry has changed drastically since 1977, International Furniture Supply has evolved as well, continuously optimizing the way that we work with our production facilities to optimize processes. One thing that will never change though is our effort to provide competitive pricing with unmatched customer service to our clients. When you talk to our office, you won't be speaking with middle management- there isn't any. By trimming the fat and time-wasting that so often clogs the system of ordering and supplying, we're able to provide the pricing and service that has been our cornerstone for over 40 years.